Sprint Camp #5 - knockout semi (17/01/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Aarau
Organiser: Niklas
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Knock-out sprint
Distance: 1.54 km
Time: 7:15
Average HR: 204
Maximum HR: 212
Runner's choice forking in the beginning. Good running most of the way, but did not get the emiTag punch on control 6, and lost some seconds, and then out of the old town towards the 8th I did not see which side I was of the walls on the map and ran the zig zag down and lost the lead and several sesonds/meters. Tried to run the other route the last part but it was longer and did not help. 3rd place.
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Sprint Camp #5 - knockout semi (17/01/2020) Sprint Camp #5 - knockout semi (17/01/2020)