O-intervals (18/02/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Guardamar Norte
Country: Spain
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 4.66 km
Time: 37:43
Average HR: 168
Maximum HR: 200
First interval: Masstart with Remo and Beat, good start where I tried to use the white areas to get less sand, and did not lose much to the 1st control. To the 2nd I could pass Beat that made a mistake, did not see the marking at the control, so hesitated a bit, but decided it had to be there. Good finish also, and came just behind Remo who had searched the last a bit, and before Beat.

Second interval: Started first with 30s down to Beat and 1min down to Remo, good start, but hesitated a bit in the depression before the control. Good towards the 2nd. and the 3rd, but towards the 4th I made a parallel mistake and picked the wrong depression, did not realize eventhough it did not look as aspected. Came way too fare right towards the control, and Remo was there before me.

Third interval: Started last this time with Remo first and Beat 2nd. Good start and saw the back of Beat already up the slope towards the 2nd control, hesitated a bit into the 3rd control and Beat got some meters and halfway towards the last control I decided to run in the white depression instead of over the yellow hills, but run too much zigzag and Beat ran away from me.

Fourth interval: Started as 2nd, good start, but take to much elevation going straight to the 2nd, and out of the 2nd I see Beat approaching. Full focus to the last, and could keep him behind me since he also made a mistake here.
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O-intervals (18/02/2020) O-intervals (18/02/2020)