One-man-relay Night (20/02/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Guardamar Sur
Country: Spain
Discipline: Relay
Distance: 7.71 km
Time: 48:34
Average HR: 185
Maximum HR: 200
Masstart night with butterflies together with Beat and Remo. Hesitating in the beginning struggling to understand the counters, and the two others run away. See Beat out of the 2nd control when I approach, but see noone before I come back to the last control in the first forking, where I see Remo running out when I approach. See his light fare ahead, but get his back out on the first loop of the 2nd interval. In the 2nd loop he runs away, but out of the 2nd butterfly I meet Beat running in. Beat catch up with me towards the next control, and we run the two controls out in the flat together before he runs away on the long leg. To the next I run the yellow hill forwards, but I run down to the right too early. See the two others even further right, but I realize rather fast that I have to go a bit further and find the control. The others close up but I find the next also first, before they run past me again. I find this control first aswell, but it is so green so Beat pass me again out of it. Count the yellow hills and use my compass to find the distinct single tree in the green, while Beat goes too fare left. Still first towards the next single tree and also to the depression next. But on the long leg over I look too little on the compass, and search the control in the wrong direction. The others partly follow, but when we turn I am therefore last and I am not able to run back up front on the last two controls. Fun training, but irritating with the two bigger mistakes. The rest was rather good.
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One-man-relay Night (20/02/2020) One-man-relay Night (20/02/2020)