Blanksjøsprint (15/03/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sognsvann
Organiser: Anders, NSK
Country: Norway
Discipline: middle
Distance: 3.1 km
Time: 28:32
Average HR: 178
Maximum HR: 193
Technical middle on 1:7500. Good start, but hesitation and small errors into 7, 13, 14 and 16, so a bit bad trend with more errors towards the end. Anyway, little orienteering training in the forest lately and difficult terrain both physically and technically. Much was good inbetween and I will use the trainings the coming weeks to improve my technique and challenge Beat in the next sprints by Anders.
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Blanksjøsprint (15/03/2020) Blanksjøsprint (15/03/2020)