AOOK konkurranseøkt (14/04/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Slengfehøgda
Organiser: Lillomarka OL
Country: Norway
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 6 km
Time: 47:11
Average HR: 186
Maximum HR: 199
Competition training with Beat starting 3' behind. Good start the first 5 controls, and to the 6th I was a bit to careful and went along the vegitation border instead of straight and lost some seconds. To the 7th a little bit hesitation, but nothing major. To the 10th I stopped a bit too early, but realized, 11th was good while I to the 12th ran a bit too much to the right into the control, and also hestitated abit before I saw it. To the 13th I think running in the marsh would have been better, while 14th was ok but I should have crossed the first reentrance earlier (lost quite some time compared to other runners here). To the 15th I wanted to run back and use the yellow down the slope, but from there on I had too little idea about how much left I was, and I ended up too far left. Here there was a lot of rocks, and nothing on the map, so I got confused. I looked around to try to figure out where I was, but could not so I decided to run over to the right of the line and find the reentrance with the stream and marsh. Almost ran past the control, but not, and relocated and found it. About 2.5min mistake, stupid. Tried to refocus and concentrate the rest and that went ok. A little hestation into 18th, and bad direction out of 19th, but mostly ok. Happy to discover that Beat came more than 3' behind me to the finish after a much bigger mistake to control 15.
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AOOK konkurranseøkt (14/04/2020) AOOK konkurranseøkt (14/04/2020)