Vettakollensprint (25/04/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sognsvann
Country: Norway
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 3.36 km
Time: 26:39
Average HR: 185
Maximum HR: 198
Too many people at Vettakollen to start at the start triangle, so Beat and I decided to start a bit closer to control 1. I started 3min ahead of Beat. Ok start, but hesitate the last 50m unsure if I need to stay or go up or down from where I am. To the 2nd control I went rather straight, but misunderstood the terrain into the control. Spotted the rocky ground and went to the cliff I felt was just above it, but it was one too high. Lost about 40-45s here, but I 15-20s was also lost by going straight the first part. It seemed faster to stay up the first part when comparing to the others. To control 3 I ran ok, but somehow lost a bit of time here (maybe I hit worse runnability, or just was not tough enough). 4 was ok, but hesitated a few seconds before I realized that I could already spot the control. 5th was good, the same with 6 and 7.

To the 8th it was a lot of people on the path, and down the slope the last part I hesitated a bit and the reentrance first half of the slope down was a bit steep and slow to cross. 9th was spot on, 10th I did not see that there was a reentrance to the left of the circle (hidden under the circle) and I lost some time checking this reentrance first. Realized, but still probably 20-30s lost. 11th was good, but to the 12th again I got confused by contours hidden by the circle. Was first pushed a bit down but felt that must be wrong and went up and right of the rather clear hill and thought it might actually be the hill left of my control, but it was not and I had to go a bit further down to find the control. Again 20-30s lost. 13th was good, and the 14th I am unsure if it is really corrrectly positioned in the terrain. Was a bit too fare left, but the control was much more right than expected, so some few seconds lost here aswell, but no hesitation. Back to 15th I got confused by unexpected contours again and went up a bit early, but spotted the control rather fast, so only maybe 15-20s lost. 16th was good, and running out I saw Beat approaching. 17th was spot on, and to 18th as well. To 19th I stopped in a small reentrance too early which I had not seen on the map, and Beat almost catched me at the control. 20th spot on again, and Beat did pass. Ok to the finish as well.

Could have pushed harder, but it is a challenging terrain with rocky ground, sharp borders and steep slopes, so could not really run that much faster without loosing map contact. Not happy with all my 20-30s mistakes, but had some good parts also.
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Vettakollensprint (25/04/2020) Vettakollensprint (25/04/2020)