Åklungsprint (01/05/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Åklungen
Organiser: Anders, NSK
Country: Norway
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 3.71 km
Time: 29:33
Average HR: 188
Maximum HR: 198
Good start the first 5 controls, but to the 6th I was sure that the control would stand by the rock, and thought I was at the wrong rock and went right to find the correct one. Turned around and spotted the control at the knoll, and realized that I had looked wrong. About 20s lost I gues. 7th was good except a bit too much left in the first part of the leg. To the 8th I hit the control circle head on, but could not see the control flag anywhere and thought that I might be too fare left and went right, nothing there either and saw the small path and the steep slope downwards. Confused and thought maybe the control flag had dropped to the ground or something and went back. Spotted it then. Irritating mistake, small control flags are sometimes hard to spot, and this time I was not patient enough. More than 1min lost.

To the 9th I should have gone up a bit instead of running in the rocky slope. 10th was good, and 11th also. But out of the 11th I looked and went for the 12th, but I looked wrong and thought that the 13th was the 12th. So wrong order. Ran 11-13-12 and then I somehow continued wrong with 16-15-14 and then back to 17th.... Ran too much to the left from 11 to 13 (+20-30), and search a bit inside of the control circle to the 15th (+15s). Out ot the diamond I ran good to 18th and 19th except of a bit zigzag (+15s) halfway to the 19th. Good finish to the 20th and 21st also, but a bit too much right to the finish (+10).

Fun course, nice terrain.
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Åklungsprint (01/05/2020) Åklungsprint (01/05/2020)