Långa-corona-natten (03/05/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Nedre Blanksjø ++
Organiser: Beat, NSK
Country: Norway
Discipline: Night
Distance: 14.98 km
Time: 118:19
Average HR: 175
Maximum HR: 196
First time at "långanatten" at Tiomila. Since there is no Tiomila this weekend Beat organized a substitute for us. All got to run långanatten (long and unforked) and we started in groups of 2-3 people at either 12 or 15km (the fastet men 15km, and woman and the less fast men 12km). I started out in masstart with only Beat at 12km (a pitty no other women started), and we got a good night orienteering race together. We discussed a bit the routechoices and the control position witin the control circles and paced together. Except of Beats very fast start we found into a good pace and orienteered mostly well together. I am not very good at running together with others and following, I always feel uncomfortable when I have to run a bit different than I want, but to night I knew I did not want to run 12km alone and it was a good training in staying active on the map without being in charge all the time.

To control 1 we went out towards the control correctly but in the diffuse slope we were unsure where our control point was and we hesitated and ran a bit backwards again. Did not hit it so a mispunch there (no control flags out in the forest), but it fitted rather well with how we came out on the path towards the 2nd so it felt like we had been more or less at the control. Good to 2-4. We saw some lamps at control 3 and towards the 5th we got catched by the last group of guys running 15km who started later. Halfway to the 5th in the larger marsch we ran a bit too much along it because it was so steep, that was a small mistake. And to the 6th we went all the way around on the road and it seemed a bit too long compared to the others at the gps, but I used the road part to get some fuel (sugar). At the 6th control we did had the short cut compared to the 15km and up the slope towards the 7th I had a bit troubles with the distance understanding and felt it was very fare from the last marsh to the control point. The same up towards the 8th. 9th and 10th went well, and at the 11 we had map change and drinking controls. Good athmosphere there with a small crew, and we gave an interview to those following us live from home, discussed where to run (Beat of course knew what he wanted as coursesetter, so we went for that). I felt left was very fare, and was tempted to go for a more straight and a bit left choice, but I am glad we did not. The small paths in this part of Marka are difficult to run fast on and very difficult for map reading. We did a stupid shortcut in the beginning of the long leg on the road (the map was cut so that we did not see the full turn of the road and it was a bit steep there where we should have cut if it should have made sense. And we did a bit too much zigzag. Anders who knows this part of the terrain very well went all the way around on the road and that was the fastest option. Beat had troubles with the stomach after the drinking station, and had to take a WC stop and asked me to wait and I did. The small paths are many and difficult to run at in this last part and it was difficult to hit correctly. And we lost some paths we wanted and had to cut through the terrain some places here. Got catched by most of the guys here. I was a bit faster than Beat out of control 12, but I hesitated down the paths towards the 13th and he got catched by Eirik and Petter who catched up with me before the control. It was diffuse here and we all made a small mistake here. Also the 14th was difficult to know the exact location and we discussed a bit before we ran to the finish. Everyone finished almost at the same time. Anders first, and then all the others within some minutes.
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Långa-corona-natten (03/05/2020) Långa-corona-natten (03/05/2020)