NSK relay training (07/05/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sognsvann
Organiser: Nydalens SK, Anders
Country: Norway
Discipline: Relay
Distance: 5.46 km
Time: 39:46
Average HR: 189
Maximum HR: 200
Masstart and unfair forkings with the NSK girls. Big group today, first training together since corona lock-down. Felt heavy and tired today, but was still motivated for some relay fun. Started out in the back of Tone and Anne who took the lead towards control 1. We all had the same, but saw towards control 2 that we probably had had the longer one catching up a group. Anna and Tone got a small gap to me out of 1 but I managed to close it again down to 2nd. To the 3rd I again ran behind Tone, but towards the control she went more left and I decided to go more straight through the green. This control was forked, which I did not know, and I got my forking first, but Pia who had another one got some meters on the rest. To the 5th I went more straight than Pia, but decided to run in the reentrance, which was slow. Tone passed me running along the reentrance instead and we almost catched up with Pia again at the 5th. To the 6th Anna and I decided to go more left/stay up a bit longer and did not see Pia and Tone again before we approached the 6th control. Here Anders was sitting watching us, and I took it first. Also took the next cntrol up the slope first, but hesitated a bit into it. To the 8th we ran a bit differently but came together into the control. This one was forked and I had the middle one. Anna had the rock earlier and went back out on the path, a good choice while I went straight down the green and rocky slope, and Tone did the same but I did not see her anymore since she had the 3rd forking option. I got a bit too much green and rocky ground and was slowed down. Hesitated a bit into the control also after being passed by the fastest guys. Thought I saw some female backs infront of me out of the 9th, but I was unsure. Hesitated also a bit into the 10th, and to the 11th I decided to go all the way down via the road. Came in third after Tone and Anna.
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NSK relay training (07/05/2020) NSK relay training (07/05/2020)