Camp Nordmarka #2 - prologue (30/05/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Nordmarka
Country: Norway
Distance: 1.92 km
Time: 15:25
Average HR: 188
Maximum HR: 201
Fun short distance in nice terrain. Started bad by going too fast away from the road and hesitated a lot over to the 1st control, but almost catched Beat starting 1 min ahead of me and heard Henrik approaching starting 1 min behind. Hesitated a bit into control 2, but no mistake. Lost the sight of Beat and Henrik. 3rd was ok, but to the 4th I dropped too fare down so had to head up again to the cliff. The rest was stable, but might have gone more down on the slope control to 7.
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Camp Nordmarka #2 - prologue (30/05/2020) Camp Nordmarka #2 - prologue (30/05/2020)