Camp Nord-Østerdal #5 Stafettøkt (09/07/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Knappåsen
Country: Norway
Distance: 6.5 km
Time: 51:22
Average HR: 183
Maximum HR: 198
Came to the start point first and had decided to go left down the reentrance and almost no-one followed me, I took my first control first so I guess the route was good, but saw after climbing out of the first control that others were ahead of me and had had a shorter forking. Good also to 2nd control and to the 3rd I wanted to take a straight/left routechoice but after 1/4 I saw Jo run to the right using the path and I changed my plan and went for that option to. I think it might have been a bit too fare, but I was just behind Jo and Viktoria into the 3rd. I felt tired and gave some meters now and then. Good also to the 4th and on the long leg to the 5th I found a good route and some of the others made mistakes and I was 2nd just behind Jo at the control. Up the hill to the 6th was heavy and Andrine catched up with me. Out of control 6 I ran a loop to avoid the hill (stupid) but ok the rest of the leg. Up towards the finish I was just too tired and let the two others fight to win.

After 3:30min rest we started out again. I had a good start being in front with Jo at the control and leadning on towards the 9th control. Halfway I misunderstood the contours and went down after reaching the top. Did not understand anything for awhile, but when I realized I knew that I had lost a lot of time compared to Jo running the route I wanted to staying up. Very tired, but ran out right again to get back on my routechoice and came just behind the others to the control. Ok to the next and on the long leg to the 12th I decided to slow down since my legs were too stiff and tired. Ok the rest in slower pace.
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Camp Nord-Østerdal #5 Stafettøkt (09/07/2020) Camp Nord-Østerdal #5 Stafettøkt (09/07/2020)