LOM (13/09/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Egg-Platten Wehntal
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Long
Distance: 14.4 km
Time: 85:28
Average HR: 195
Maximum HR: 212
First long distance this year, and also first real 'mittelland'-orienteering for me. Struggled a bit towards control 1, and at the control I could not see any flag, and lost sometime trying to figure out if I was in the wrong place or not before I found it below the cliff instead of beside it. So maybe I should stop looking at the control description? Towards nr 2 it was steep and I did not really find a good place to run, but no problems finding the control. Same with nr 3. On the long leg to the 4th I felt it would be a bit too many times up and down by going straight and went for roads to the right. I executed it well, but lose time to those going straight, so wrong routechoice. Into the control I met Sarina, but she still had some seconds gap. Saw her also leaving control 5, but I was too high in the slope and had to go down to get the control. Got catched by Elena here. She had had a 3' better start than me by choising the right routechoice to the 4th. Ran a bit with her towards the 6th, but she went more right than I wanted and I got the control first. To the 7th she past me again, but also this time she went too fare left and I got the control alone. The next long leg I was unsure, but again I decided to use the road around, and again this was a mistake. Had company with Sarina who catched up with me on the road the first half, but I wanted to use the road and she cut through the forst halfway, and I lost her. Her route was faster, but straight would have been even better. To the 9th I wanted to make sure that i was a bit left when coming out on the road above the control, but somehow I went a bit too much left, and additionally the green which I wanted to use was not clear at all, and I went down too early, and lost some time hesitating and relocating. Elena catched up with me from behind again. To the 10th we went around to the left, which was ok I think, but she was faster and I lost her out of sight. To the 11th I felt it would be steep and a bit green straight and went for a too long routechoice around to the right. Got stucky in green in the beginning and after that just too fare around. To the 12th I made a parallel mistake and came to low. The hill up towards 13th was brutal, and I lost some seconds into the 13th by not understanding in the terrain where my control could be. 14th-17th I ran well, but down to the 18th I should have taken the road maybe, but not much lost. Here I got caught by Simona, but she searched the 18th and I could run to the finish before her. In the end I was nr 8, 12-13min behind Sabine wo won, and a bit less than 9min behind Simona in 2nd spot. To the controls 8.-13. I lost too much time, and my routechoices with a lot of road running around were not the best today. The rest of the race I made an stable race, but I need to keep it together the whole way and hit better with my routechoices too be better than I was today. Physically I am not in a good shape at the moment, so that the swiss girls are a bit faster was expected.
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LOM (13/09/2020) LOM (13/09/2020)