NLZ-sprint (30/11/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Bern Altstadt
Country: Sveits
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 4.28 km
Time: 23:28
Average HR: 194
Maximum HR: 212
Good performance today. Splitted the course in two parts, where the first was all the way to control nr 15 and then to the finnish, and the second part was from the start to control 15 and then the rest of the race from there to the finnish again. At control nr 15 i had the time 13:59min (14:21min in the finnish). The second loop was short, but nice to have one time out, evaluate the performance so far, and then restart and try to do the things you did good again and try to avoid the mistakes. Second round from 15-finnish i had the time: 4:44min, so that means my total time is 13:59+4:44min = 18:43 min.
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NLZ-sprint (30/11/2012)