Venla (14/06/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kuopio
Country: Finland
Distance: 5.64 km
Time: 38:56
Average HR: 204
Maximum HR: 211
s-1: Fast start as usual in Venla, the speed went down as soon as we came into the forest. Choose to run a bit to the left and use the depression into the control. Was the only one running to the right when we came to the depression, but found my control easy. This was the long forking.

1-2: Ran down to the cliff and came into the row of runners from another forking. Went up to the left of the cliff, but did not look good enough at my compass and came a bit to fare right. Understood it directly and found my control without problems.

2-3: Difficult control, are watching my compass carefully over the top of the hill and see the control flag, nice! The other girls around me hesitate, obviously having another forking.

3-4: Do not fully understand the terrain, and difficult to run in the green stripes. Hesitates when coming to another forking by the stone in the green, but know I have to go further. I see the road below me, and see the control as well as the back of Emma Klingenberg (PAN Århus).

4-5: I cross the road and the field and run up to the road. I follow it past the yellow and run in the white between the two yellow areas. Direction from the end of the yellow and up on the hill. From the top of the hill I saw the control.

5-6: Direction down to and over the flat area, some young finnish girl pushing hard. Up the hill and down on the backside. When approaching the control I get catched by Tyrving's Tessa Hill, another good indicator for my own position on the first leg.

6-7: A lot of girls, see Järla's Ingjerd Myhre as well. Starting to loose some terrain, empty legs and I am feeling unwell (a starting cold). After crossing the road I am carefully reading my map, but the control is unforked and it is just to follow the other girls.

7-8: Direction over the hill and down in the depression. Diffuse terrain, hard to get what I see, use my compass but hesitate a little until I see the little hill with the rock on it. FInd the control easily from there. Still together with Tyrving and Tessa Hill.

8-9: Decide to follow the green vegitation boarder, following Tessa Hill. When she decides to cut through the green I stop following and stick to my plan. One girl follows me along the green area and over the hill. Are a bit afraid of the control in the slope on the backside of the hill, but get the control easily and meet again with Tessa Hill.

9-10: The other girls starts to push hard, and I have problems following. I feel weak and my legs do not respond, but keep going. Out on the field, I can see that there is a long row of girls in front of me, and again I see Emma Klingenberg and Ingjerd Myhre. Positive feedback to see them so late on the leg.

10-11: Follow the path and I am really careful with the compass running down the slope, but again it is unforked and I get the control easily.

11-12: The girls starts the finish sprint and I have no chance to follow, but run as fast as my empty legs can. Hesitate a bit at the last control because it is out on the field and not in the forest as expected.

12-change-over: Have never run a Venla-Finish as slow as this time, there is nothing to push with, feel really weak, but I keep running. Put up a fighting-face (at least I try to) and a smile when changing over to Emma Andersson on the last leg.

So I did my job, I did not do any big mistakes even though the 2nd and 4th control could have been better, and I was only 1:35 sec behind on a 28th position. But a bit disappointed that my body did not want to run fast, would have been funnier to run in with the leading teams.

2nd leg: Emma Andersson - stable technical race, said she had felt better physically. (18th position at change-over). Definitly did the job!

3rd leg: Maria Magnusson, makes one mistake in the beginning and loose some time on a long leg, the rest ok. (18th position at change-over)

4th leg: Anastasia Denosova, makes some mistakes, but runs fast in between and run us up to the good 14th position!
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Venla (14/06/2014) Venla (14/06/2014)