Euromeeting Sprint (23/08/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Chalmers/Guldheden
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.37 km
Time: 16:45
Average HR: 201
Maximum HR: 209
s-1: Should have run right around the house, and missed the control as well which was quite placed quite hidden (24 sec lost to best split).
1-2: Really slippery and forgot to check my direction, but the control was very visibly placed, so no big time loss. (4th best split)
2-3: Again very slippery! (8th best split)
3-4: OK (8th best split)
4-5: a bit hesitating and not so good flow in the first half of the leg, the rest was ok (5th best split, but still 14 sec behind the best split!)
5-6: OK (11th split)
6-7: OK, but unsure about my route (8th split)
7-8: Take too much height and make the control more difficult by choosing the left route. Make a parallel mistake to the control thinking I need to go left after the container (pink square on the map), and run to the wrong house... (56 sec behind best split!)
8-9: Think I have to run left all the way around the fence, but over saw the very small stair (is this after the map norm?) to the right for the control. (8 sec lost to best split)
9-10: OK (10th split))
10-11: Run a bit faster than I am reading the map and run to fare right around the fence (7 sec loss to best split)
11-12: OK (24th split)
12-13: Make a sub-optimal route choice, and manage to run one house further than planned into the control. (22 sec lost to best split)
13-14: OK (5th best split)
14-15: OK, but I was unsure if it was a cliff or a wall in the middle of the leg, and ran around. It is a cliff and I could have crossed it (15th split, 3 sec loss to best)
15-16: Bad route choice? Lost some time due to a very narrow opening in the green which I had to stop and take a close look at (not the correct map norm!), but not as much as I was behind the best split (12 sec lost)
16-17: OK (4th best split)

All in all, I made too many mistakes with the biggest being the 1 min lost to the 8th control, but also the 20 sec lost to the 1st and 13th control was way too much. The mistakes explains the gap up to the winner which was 1:45 sec. A very unstable performance, with a mixture of good and really bad legs ---> a lot to improve!
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Euromeeting Sprint (23/08/2014) Euromeeting Sprint (23/08/2014)