WOC 2016 relevant - Langdistanse (28/08/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Mosstorp
Country: Sverige
Discipline: Langdistanse
Distance: 11.01 km
Time: 84:10
Average HR: 180
Maximum HR: 198
Very satisfied with my running until control nr 3 which I missed big time! Offensive running all the way, but in the control circle of nr 3 I didnt find the flag, and searched up and down for a long time until I found it where I first started to search... After that I was a bit disappointed and search again the 4th control, which I want to be more right than it is. 5th control I run good, but in the middle of leg 6 I am to fast in my map reading, and I dont see that there are more tracks, and make a big mistake (1-2min) on running the wrong track. Get catched by Göril at the 6th control, but manage to keep her behind until the long uphill to the 8th control. She is stronger and gets a gap, and I am tired and not careful when leaving the track by the little forest house, and loose track of my direction and the terrain. and loose time. The control taking is good though. Get stuck down from the 8th control as well and loose more time.

All in all offensive running and orienteering (the way I want to do orienteering), but are not able to do the technical job all the way, and the results is a lot of mistakes and time losses. (Between 6-8 min lost on mistakes).

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WOC 2016 relevant - Langdistanse (28/08/2014) WOC 2016 relevant - Langdistanse (28/08/2014)