Pepparkaksluffen (30/08/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kungälv
Country: Sverige
Discipline: Langdistanse
Distance: 8.14 km
Time: 70:14
Average HR: 180
Maximum HR: 198
s-1: It was not easy to run in the small forest work tracks, and should have stuck to my plan to run left of the marsh. (1 min lost on last part of the routechoice)
1-2: Good, but there is a rock east of the control which was smaller than the control rock, and I went to this one first since I knew the rock should be only 1m high. (20sec lost)
2-3: OK
3-4: Run maybe a bit too straight, quite much climbing
4-5: See the rock before the control, but go too fare right and loose about 30 sec.
5-6: The light green should have been maped as green stripes, it was a lost of wood on the ground and really difficult to run. The same was for the forest work area (yellow). Search the control too early and looses in total 1 min 30 sec, I think the mistake was about 30 sec, and the rest was lost on the route choice. The best would have been to use the path.
6-7: unsure into the control and loose about 30 sec
7-8: Choose to go left around the green stripes, due to my bad experience to the 6th, but it is green stripes further down than on the map, and very green up the slope after the green stripes as well. Additionally, I get unsure into the control do to the very big marshes before the control which look small on the map. (30 sec lost into the control, and 1:38 lost on the whole leg, I think going right of the green stripes was better, Lina Strand ran that route choice)
8-9: Struggle to understand the map before the control and come a bit right, but no big problems (10-15 sec lost)
9-10: Not so nice in the white/light green in the begining, so chose to run a little on the path on the yellow. Would maybe be better to go more straight and use the little path in the depression and follow it untill the green area.
10-11: Think I run between the two hills into the control, but are much further left, and when I don't see the control cliff, I run further right. but when I still cannot see it I conclude that I am to fare to the right and go back and further left.... Realize my mistake when I see the little path. (3min lost)
11-12: Just follow the hill, but I am impatient and want the control to be earlier than it is. (30 sec).
12-13: Cross the marsh and think it is just to follow the path until the yellow area, and run it too fare. Had not read the map careful enough. 20 sec lost

Generally, I do too many small 30 sec mistakes, and I loose a bit time on bad runability on my routechoices which was not drawn on the map. I would have drawn more green lines. Additinally, the big mistake to the 11th contributed to the big time gap (more than 8 min) up to the winner Lina Strand.
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Pepparkaksluffen (30/08/2014) Pepparkaksluffen (30/08/2014)