Götaälvdalsträffen (31/08/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lilla Edet
Country: Sverige
Discipline: Langdistanse
Distance: 8 km
Time: 53:35
Average HR: 181
Maximum HR: 192
Good race, but heavy legs after a tough week in Göteborg-terrain. No big mistakes, but some minor hesitations and some unclean lines. Still my probably best performance technically in all the competitions (training and real competitions) of the last 10 days. Satisfied with being "only" 4 min behind Svetlana Mironova (world champ in long distance this year), and only 2 min behind Lina Strand, despite my heavy legs!
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Götaälvdalsträffen (31/08/2014) Götaälvdalsträffen (31/08/2014)