WOC 2015 relevant økt - caps-o (14/10/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Aviemore
Country: Scotland
Discipline: Relay/intervals
Distance: 6.74 km
Time: 69:49
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 207
Caps-o together with Heidi Bagstevold, Ingjerd Myhre and Emma Johansson. Ran in team with Heidi. I started, put the first control using a buff and ran back to change over to Heidi. Heidi ran to the first control, picked up the buff, ran to the 2nd control and put the buff there and ran back to me and so on. Ingjerd and Emma started at the same time but having the oposite control as the first control. In the end every one has visited all controls.

Really fun training, where we had to focus to put the buff at the right place, and at the same time be fast in order to beat the other team.
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WOC 2015 relevant økt - caps-o (14/10/2014)