NLZ training (07/01/2015)
Category: Training
Map/area: Forst
Country: Sveits
Distance: 11.96 km
Time: 85:02
Average HR: 170
Maximum HR: 196
Compass training. Good start to the 1. and 2. control, but into the 3. I think I am further left than I really am, and search the control in the wrong area.

Search the 4th a little, while I find the 5th without problems. To the 6th I do not realize that I already past a road (though the road was the path) the first part of the leg, and get really confused out on the 2nd road. Figure it out, but loose quite some time. Search the control a little as well. 7. and 8. I run good, but to the 9th I want to run right for the green but actually run through the dark green instead...At least my compass direction is good.

Into the 11th I just dont see the control, so search it a little, 12. I loose my direction half way, thinking I am running straight, and I come to fare left.

13. I leave out, and 14th I find with just some hesitation. I run straight to 18th after that (not so much more than road running the rest of the course).
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NLZ training (07/01/2015) NLZ training (07/01/2015)