NLZ interval 1 (10/01/2015)
Category: Training
Map/area: Scherligraben
Country: Sveits
Distance: 3.07 km
Time: 21:22
Average HR: 191
Maximum HR: 207
1st/4 hill interval with full speed running to the start point, than full speed orienteering until the finish. This interval was started in 15 sec start intervals, I started first.

To the first control I used to bigger path 100 meters in front of the control and the smaller path as attachpoints, but some how they where longer than on the map, so I was to fare down the slope. Had to run out on the fields to try again. I was thereby catched by the first man.

2nd and 3rd control I ran good, to the 4th I could have run better through the forest in the first part of the leg, but the rest was good. Several more men run past me on this leg, due to higher speed.

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NLZ interval 1 (10/01/2015) NLZ interval 1 (10/01/2015)