NLZ interval 4 (10/01/2015)
Category: Training
Map/area: Scherligraben
Country: Sveits
Distance: 2.5 km
Time: 22:42
Average HR: 179
Maximum HR: 203
4th/4 hill intervals. Catching start. I started as 2nd and started to feel very tired, at the same time as it started to get dark

To the 1st control I hesitate a little into the control, and struggle to see the map in the forest. To the 2nd I have to let the guys run and take some time to stop to look at the map due to the limited light. Run good until control 4th, where I miss the path crossing. After that I am tired but make no more mistakes.
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NLZ interval 4 (10/01/2015) NLZ interval 4 (10/01/2015)