Effretiker OL (18/01/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Uster
Country: Sveits
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 5.54 km
Time: 25:39
Average HR: 193
Maximum HR: 211
Short middle distance on sprint map.

s-1: first sprint in awhile, so started out carefully.
1-2: didn't have the time to prepair the leg before I was at the 1st control, and stood quite long. Didn't see anything good straight, so went all the way around thinking I can cut over a bit in the end. That was not possible (should have checked that earlier), and lost 48 sec to best split!
2-5: good running, had got used to the map and sprint feeling again. It was though a little ice/snow and therefore slippery.
5-6: didn't realize that I could have cut the curves of the S down to the control and lost 11 sec to best split here.
6-14: solid running, no big time losses, and running with control.
14-15: too fast in my routechoice taking, and pick the wrong one. Get time to read the next leg carefully, but lost 14 sec to the best split.
15-finish: solid, and good running. No mistakes.

Finised 3rd, 31 sec behind Judith Wyder and 2 sec behind Annina Brunner. Satisfied with most of the race. Nice to see that I had a lot of best splits and/or fast splits, even tough I make more than 1 min mistakes.
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Effretiker OL (18/01/2015) Effretiker OL (18/01/2015)