Effretiker OL Sprint Relay (18/01/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Uster
Country: Sveits
Discipline: sprint relay
Leg: 4th
Distance: 2.8 km
Time: 11:59
Average HR: 205
Maximum HR: 222
The 8 best runners from men elite, women elite, junior woman elite and junior men elite from the short middle distance sprint qualified to the sprint relay. The teams were put together in manner that should make equal teams. One the first leg a junior woman, 2nd leg a junior man, 3rd elite man, and last elite woman.

I ran the last leg in team with Deborah (1st), Thomas (2nd) and Alain (3rd)

s-1: started out a bit behind the leaders, but had the chance to pick some teams with a good race. Had the long forking to the first control, but ran controlled and as fast as I could.

1-2: New where the control was from the morning, and could concentrate one running and reading the next leg.

2-3: was not prepared when I came up from the tunnel, and lost some time before I could orient myself. Catched one runner.

3-4: Almost the same leg as in the morning.

4-7: good running

7-8: got company from two dogs, which made me take a slightly different route than planned. One dog followed me all the way to the control. Some seconds lost.

8-9: same control as in the morning. Just running.

9-10: ok
10-11: didn't see the control flag when turning the corner, so ran until the stairs, and met Martina Ruch there. Turned, and saw the control behind me. 10 sec (+) lost.

11-12: Run past Martina and try to push.

12-13: trying to run fast to get rid of Martina

13-14: See two runners infront of me (Annina Brunner and Rachel Engeler), having another forking.

14-15: Pushing hard, still trying to get rid of Martina, and maybe catch Annina and Rachel which I cannot see anymore do to the forking differences

15-16: See Annina infront of me and realize that it will be tough to catch her, but I push to try.

16-finish: Still 20 meter up to Annina, focusing on keeping Martina behind. Managed that, and we became 3rd.

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Effretiker OL Sprint Relay (18/01/2015) Effretiker OL Sprint Relay (18/01/2015)