NLZ-sprint (23/01/2015)
Category: Training
Map/area: Aarberg
Organiser: NLZ
Country: Sveits
Discipline: sprint
Distance: 2.62 km
Time: 15:17
Average HR: 178
Maximum HR: 210
Pretty solid technical performance.

s-1: used quite some time on the bridge finding the start triangle and the first control on the map, but the rest was good.

1-2: a bit fast in deciding, might have been faster to go right.

2-3: Had it all planned to control 2 and could just run.

3-4: unsure what is faster, but probably not big differences so took the one I thought might be shorter.

4-5: Had looked on it into the 4th and could again just run and focus on the next leg.

5-6: Again I had time to plan into control nr 5, and had found left a bit shorter to the 6th. Used the time to plan the leg to 7th.

6-7: Decided to go left becasuse it seemed flatter and no stairs.

7-8: Right because it looked a bit shorter. Had almost catched up with the runner starting 1 min ahead of me.

8-9: Left to avoid stairs - > a good choice! Right was not possible due to impassable wall...!

9-10: Over the bridge, but was unsure if it was the fastest option.

10-11: No choices to be made, just running.

11-12: Couldn't read if I could run along the impassable wall on the left route choice, so didn't dare to run close to it. Ran the path instead.

12-13: hectic terrain! Wanted to go pretty straight, but ended up with a right route.

13-14: Again just running.

14-15: Felt all around right was too long, so ran over the hill with all the stairs. I think this route was not bad, but I hesitated and searched the control, and lost time into the control.

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NLZ-sprint (23/01/2015) NLZ-sprint (23/01/2015)