WRE Idahna-O-meeting (07/02/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: cidral
Country: Portugal
Discipline: Middle
Good technical race all the way. Had the lead from the 2nd control to the 7th control eventhough I made a small mistake to the 4th control. To the 8th I had troubles to understand the area around the control, and had to stop several times and hesitated a lot (30-60s lost), and Volynska took over the lead. I was still in 2nd spot and continued the good running until control nr 13 where I was still in 2nd spot. To the 4th I chose to run a bit up left to run in the yellow and to avoid going to much up and down. This was a bad choice! There was a lot of green bushes and rocky ground, and I more crawled and climbed than running , and lost between 1 and 2 minutes to the best split. The best would have been to go down and run in the white forest. On this leg Niemi and Novikova past me as well, and I got the 4th position in the end.

Satisfied with my race overall! And after the race I was told that there was an other map drawer on the 2nd part of the course, and that is why the light yellow with some green stripes (13th-14th) where different and with much lower runability than it had in the beginning og the course.
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WRE Idahna-O-meeting (07/02/2015)