POM day 3 map 1 (16/02/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dunas de Vagos
Country: Portugal
Discipline: Long
Struggled a bit in the first half of the course to understand how I should deal with the green areas. Search control nr 1 with 30-45 s, and hesitated a lot on the coming legs. Get into a better flow during the race, but loose some time on not hitting the passages through the green (impossible to hit all, sometimes you had to fight to get through the green at one point and 10 meters left or right it was easy to get trough - but same for everyone).

After crossing the road at the 2nd refreshment, I ran good. No major problems and good fighting spirit, and I thereby got many good split times on this last 3rd of the course.
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POM day 3 map 1 (16/02/2015)