OL Regio Olten (29/03/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Längwald Ost
Country: Sveits
Discipline: Short longdistance
Distance: 8.65 km
Time: 52:10
Average HR: 150
Maximum HR: 178
Status: Litt sliten i beina etter lang topptur på ski i går/ tired legs after yesterdays ski tour in the alps.

1: Afraid of the green in the beginning, and go right on the road. A strange green area left of the control, and I went to much left before I looked right and saw the control. (30 s lost)

2: Thought the control would be fairly easy, but getting into the area I was a bit too low and searched the control for a short while. (30 s lost)

3: Good running, but tired in the hills.

4: a lot more green than expected, and some big threes lying criss crossed, hesitate into the control area.

5: Good, felt the control came early, but unsure if the map or the gps is wrong.

6: again a lot more freen in the terrain than expected, if control nr 5 was too early, it might explain it.

7: Good leg, but starting to get tired

8: Saw the control half way

9: Struggled physically up the hill, but tried to keep pushing. Hesitated a bit into the control because of some very distinct vegitation 50 m before the path infront of the control.

10: Ok leg. Had taped my foot in order for the shoe not to hurt me, and it disturbed me (was too tight), and I stopped to try to loosen it after punsching the control. (10-15 s lost)

11: Didn't understand the green. The tape still disturbed me and I stopped to remove it after punshing the control (10-15 s lost)

12: Good leg.

13: hesitate out of the control, but decide to run straight over the hill. No problems.

14: Ok

15: Ran the road to the crossing, and than right. Used the green and the height to run into the control.

16: A bit ugly in the yellow area. Guess it would have been pretty good to run on the road right.

17: out of the control the vegitation did not fit the map.

Stable race. Some trouble in the beginning (1., 2. and 4 th control), but the rest was good.

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OL Regio Olten (29/03/2015) OL Regio Olten (29/03/2015)