1. Nationaler (12/04/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bouleyres
Country: Sveits
Discipline: middle
Distance: 5.91 km
Time: 40:05
Difficult race. It was very diffuse and hard to run on a compass due to low visibility.

s-1: go a bit left around the green, but comes fare more left than I planed, and I don't understand the terrain. Understand that I have to go down right, but loose probable 20-30s.

1-2: Use my compass active from the road-path crossing, get the control ok.

2-3: green out of the control. and I come right of the green area. I don't see the control from the side and run to fare. See the depression behind the control and get back (30 s lost)

3-4: A bit hesitating out of the control, but decide to go straight to the road, and because it was nice also on the other side og the road I decided to go straigt. A bit bushy and green into the control. Lost some seconds to girls running the road and paths left.

4-5: Ok, running straigt.

5-6: Run straight, and see that path halfway. Run it until the two small hills and than compass and controlling with the streams. Good leg.

6-7: Compass to the road, than compass from the road crossing over the hill and into the green. Dificult to decide which green is the right one, but got the control ok eventhough I was a little to the left.

7-8: Trying to run on compass direction, but very green. Got the control well though.

8-9: out of the control I was suddently together with Sarina Jenzer, but I past her by crossing the depression with the stream directly. Into the control I lost some time hesitating. It was difficult to understand the green and yellos. Lost 20-30 s

9-10: Got a bit stuck halfway, but ok (10s lost)

10-11: First I ran out right to avoid some green, than I went left and ran down the yellow and came to fare down and in the end I had run a big S instead of striaght (20 s stupidly lost).

11-12: decided to go straight which was a bad decision! The two depressions where really steep and I had to climb a lot up and down. Best route would be up left on the road. Sarina was just behind me again.

12-13: First I use the small path, but its runability is low, and I decide to just go straight.

13:14: Ok, but much greener than expected

14-15: Hesitate a bit after the road crossing, but nothing big. Ok

15-16: Ok, but get a bit stuck in thorns, which are not mapped down to the control.

16-17: had planned to go left on the road, but somehow I didn't watch my compass and found my self straight. Hesitated into the control and ran to wrong control first (30 s lost) around would have been better.

17-18: Ran a bit left to avoid the green and then down the yellow into the white forrest. Saw Dominique Bucher and Fabienne Wenger.

A race full of 20-30s mistakes, but as it seemed after the race everyone except Simone Niggli had had the same type of problems, and I could due to no big mistake get the 2nd spot after Simone Niggli who won clearly (4:22 min gap). So not satisfied with my technical performance, but still nice to be 2nd.
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1. Nationaler (12/04/2015) 1. Nationaler (12/04/2015)