Solrenningen (19/04/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Isebakketjern
Country: Norge
Discipline: Long
Distance: 12.22 km
Time: 92:33
Ok, race with a bit heavy legs already from the start. Good start to the 1st and 2nd control, but don't find the path to the 3rd and loose the control a little bit. Climb the wrong cliff and have to relocate at the top of it (+2min). Loose also quite some time on not running straight to the 4th (+2min). To the 5th I run good, but to the 6th I loose 1 min by not running as straight as I should have done (too much criss cross). To the 7th I search the control a little eventhough I thought I did everything correct until I realized I was to low (40 s lost on the split). To the 8th I felt like taking too much height after the small lake, but loose only 30 sec. 9th was ok, and to the 10 I lost 45 s, probably on the routechocie, but hard to say. To the 11th I chose to run a little left, which was good, and the 12 went well. To the 13th I got into the control area too low in the slope, and was pretty unsure if I could really be so low, but climbed up and found the control on lost only 15 sec. To the 14th I ran good, and to the 15th I hesitated into the control, but only lost 10 sec. To the last control the orgainzers let us run through big hills of sand and rocks, which was not on the map. Difficult to know where to run, and I actually lost 12 sec on this leg! Maybe faster to run around those hills instead of over them?

Anyway, my race was pretty stable all the way, but my mistake to the 3rd and the route choide to 4th is irritating and there are some more legs which I could have done better. It was a very long race, and I am satisfied by holding it ok together the whole way eventhough there are still things to improve to next time.
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Solrenningen (19/04/2015) Solrenningen (19/04/2015)