WOC sprint 2015 (02/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Forres
Country: Scotland
Discipline: Sprint
8th position overall and new personal best in an individual WOC diciplin, satisfied with that! (20th 2011 and 10th 2012). A bit disappointed by the course...! When the area is open for competitors infront of the race, they have to use more artificial fences/open up more private areas/ close more paths in order to create unexpected routes and making it impossible to know the terrain by heart.

About my race:

s-1: I started out controlled and used time to get into the map and I was careful not to oversee any fences or obstacles on the map - thereby loosing 8 seconds to the 1st control without doing mistakes.

1-2: Good flow and speed loosing only 1 sec to best split.

2-3: The routes were very similar in length and I just took a choice and ran it, but I chose the slower one with more narrow corners and uphill in the beginning and loose as much as 13 seconds (25th split time)! That is a lot in such a tight sprint race...

3-4: Good speed and good technical loosing 1 sec to best split.

4-5: Maybe not the very best route choice. Loose 7 sec to the best split - probably mostly due to speed.

5-6: Good route choice, but a bit to careful technical and thereby loosing 5 sec to best split (but 10th best split).

6-7: Good route choice and speed loosing only 3 sec to best split on middle long leg. Seems like I from this part of the course managed to speed up.

7-8: Choose the best route choice, and again I loose only 3 seconds to the best split and have the overall 2nd fastest split time!

8-9: Best route choice again, and loosing 4 sec to best split.

9-10: Good running, knew that I had to run in just infront of coop supermarked. Lost 3 sec to best split, having 6th best time.

10-11: Good running, 2 sec lost.

11-12: Choose the shortest route, but I use time and I am careful to be able to avoid mistakes. 5 sec lost to best split.

12-13: Here I choose the longer route choice and loose 7 sec to the best split.

13-14: Ok leg, loosing 2 sec.

14-15: Get catched by Maja Alm (gold medalist in the end), she has an incredible speed, and I have no chance to follow her. Loosing 3 sec to best split.

15-16: Arena passage, try to speed up and follow Maja, getting 2nd fastest split but still loosing 2 sec to Maja.

16-17: Long leg just running straight in the park, loose another 4 sec to superwoman Maja Alm.

17-18: Are careful to not make mistakes, are starting to get really tired. 2sec lost to best split.

18-19: 1 sec lost to best split, good running.

19-20: Good leg, 1 sec lost

20-21: Tried to speed up to keep up the speed of Maja, managed it, but was really really tired. 2nd best split.

21-F: Didn't know how to get to the finnish line, but just ran and tried to sprint as hard as I could. 2 sec lost to best split, but still ok.

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WOC sprint 2015 (02/08/2015) WOC sprint 2015 (02/08/2015)