LOM (30/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gurnigelbad
Organiser: OL Norska
Country: Schweiz
Discipline: Long
Swiss champs long distance

Did a good race until the 12th control, and I was in the fight for the top 3 at this control. But I didn't manage to solve the long leg to control 13 the way I had planned it (left), and managed to take the wrong path in the first half of the leg, and found myself in the wrong place, and changed plan to go straight from there on - loosing more than 4 min to the best split run by Simone one the right route. Make some more smaller mistakes towards the end - got very tired and had a hard time keep it togehter. Anyway a good race, and good to see that I was in the match eventhough I was not at my physical best level that day.

7th spot - close behind the swiss national team girls, but far behind Simone Niggli, who did a close to mistake free race, and nearly took all the best routechoices. Anyway I was satisfied with almost matching her speed at many legs.
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LOM (30/08/2015) LOM (30/08/2015)