Long Distance Training Race (16/01/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Barbate
Organiser: NO
Country: Spain
Discipline: Long
Distance: 9.81 km
Time: 58:12
Average HR: 193
Maximum HR: 204
s-1: took time to be exact, and got all the necessary details ahead of the control. But did not see the control flag appoaching the control eventhough I was pretty sure it was the depression I saw infront of me. Ran some meters further down in the depression and spotted the control flag where it was supposed to be further up.

1-2: Good direction out, but changed it when I came up on the first hill, and ran an unecessary round even crossing the path I was searching before I was able to correct for it again. Could maybe also have gone straighter towards the control after passing the bigger depression. Thought the control was the depression, so ran there first loosing some seconds here as well.

2-3: Careful compass and map reading all the way.. Maybe a bit to carefull, but got the control in a good way.

3-4: Wanted to get the small track after the fence, and lost some time running along the fence to find a good place to cross it. After that I felt it was much greener than expected, but had full control until 50m before the control. Did a small mistake by running left for the wrong green area and though the control had to be left after the green and not to the right...loosing between 30 and 40 seconds. Irritating, but was able to put it away,

4-5: Carful to get the sandy hill in the middle og the leg, and to have a good direction while running along the depression.

5-6: Map change here, and I had only half of the leg on each map. A bit challenging and I had to stop several times because I had a hard time to get ahead with the map reading.

6-7: Running up and around because the slope looked very steep. A bit confused into the control. Thought I had to run over a small nose into the control but the control was directly in the end of the sand.

7-8: Ran a bit further on the path than planed.

8-9: Very bad running out of the 8th control, behind afraid of green bushes loosing 15 sec to Ida only on the way up to the path. From there on I ran well, but again after half of the leg I was afraid of the green areas and ran too much around. Very good control taking keeping Olav behind from the fence until the control, but still lost 20-30 seconds on rounding green....!

9-10: Focused on the compass and looking ahead to get the contours, very satisfied until I wanted to approach the control and got distracted by a lot of mountain bikers in the area. Lost some 10 seconds into the control.

10-11: Not focused out of the control and got a bad direction. Corrected for it the first part of the leg, and the rest was good. But think I lost about 10 sec on the first part.

11-12: good

12-13: good running most of the way, having a solid direction and using the contours. Lost some time by not running in the depression before the big path ahead of the control (loosing about 5-7 sec to Ida on that).

13-14: did not want to loose hight by going down in the big open depression and tried to run in the slope - lost 30 seconds by fighting green to Ida who ran down. I was carful into the control and got it after a little hesitation.

Ida beated me by 20 seconds -> tight fight! Irritating to loose the victory on the way to the finnsih.
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Long Distance Training Race (16/01/2016)