Osterstaffel part 1 (26/03/2016)
Category: Competition
Organiser: OL Norska
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 3.
Distance: 2.91 km
Time: 19:40
Average HR: 192
Maximum HR: 207
Sent out in big lead after Simi Dubach won the first leg and Trixle Aschliemann came back all alone after the 2nd leg.

Struggeling to understand the map (did not realize it was 1:7500 and not 1:10000...) and make a big mistake already to ctr nr 2. To control nr 4, I make a big parallel mistake. After this I try to pull myself together but comes wrong also to the 5th.
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Osterstaffel part 1 (26/03/2016)