Osterstaffel part 2 (26/03/2016)
Category: Competition
Organiser: OL Norska
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 3.
Distance: 2.25 km
Time: 14:40
Average HR: 198
Maximum HR: 211
On the 2nd loop I ran a little bit better, but still had some trubbels to the 10th control. The green area at the control was only 1 meter high, and I expected higher forest, and went down first before i got back up to the control. Also a lot of hesitation into the 12th control - very green and difficult to spot the control flag. Still with around 5 min of mistakes, I manage to came first to the change over with a clear gap. So it was an "easy" task for Floo's Schneider to keep the lead and run us first into the finish.

1st relay and 1st victory for my club OL Norskas elite team "raskt tog team".
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Osterstaffel part 2 (26/03/2016)