57. CO du CA Rosé (08/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grolley
Country: Switzerland
Distance: 8.26 km
Time: 57:36
Average HR: 185
Maximum HR: 198
Starting out good, but maybe running a bit fare around to control 3. Into the 5th the paths are not as visable and clear as I had thought and I am unsure if I am on the right one and loose about 30 sec on hesitation. To the 6th I don't get the vegitation first half of the course and hesitate a lot before I finally come to the path close to the 13th control. Read to the 13th, but realize it and correct it. Loose again 30 sec on hesitation/confusion. To the 7th I therefore choose the safe path around the green. To the 8th I think I have full control but does not find the control where I thought it should be (it was behind some fallen trees), and think I am too heigh or too short. After realizing I must have been almost right I go back and suddenly see the control just beside the fallen trees. The two knolls in the circle was actually just the end of the fallen threes... strange maped. Lost 30 sec to best split here, but I think the mistake was bigger. To the 9th I get a bit lost in the green and loose again 30 sec. To the 11th I think I have everyting under control untill 200m before the control, but than again I get totally confused with the green and cannot sort it out. Decide to go to the path links, but it is really small and I don't find it. Therefore I run way too fare down the slope before I decide to return and it goes 3:30 min before I finally can punch the control. After all the struggeling on several controls and than a big one, I start to feel a bit frustrated, but try to keep up the spirit. To the 13th I take too much risk and get quite stuck in the green, and thereby loose 40 sec without doing a mistake. To the 14th it would have been better to go aorund letf and i loose again 20 sec. Also not really friends with the map to the 15th and 16th but still get best splits. To the 16th and 17th also some hesitations, but most of all tired after a long race.

So all in all an ok start, but after that too many smaller problems and one big one as well. Still satiesfied with having good speed on the controls which went well.
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57. CO du CA Rosé (08/05/2016)