EOC long qualification (23/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Jelen
Country: Czech Republic
Discipline: Long Q
Distance: 8.14 km
Time: 63:24
Stable performance with a bit heavy legs from yesterdays sprint. 7th spot in heat A.

Start a bit too slow and loose about 90 sec to heat winner Mironova the 3 first controls. But run very well to control 4 and on the long leg to control 5. Ok also to the 6th, but to the 7th I wanted to run left of the hill but changed my mine when I saw a path going right of the hill. That was a mistake - green and stony ground. Had to crawl. At least most of the others did the same, but tomorrow I will stick to my plan (!). Got a bit stressed on this, and stressed a little the next controls. At the 9th I could not make up my mind what was better: fare around on roads left or quite straight with heavy climb in the end left. Loose 1 minute standing still !! And in the end they were all quite equal. Tomorrow I will not stay soo long. You have to decide when you have checked the alternatives. Loose some time taking too much green to the 11th, but else the rest of the course was ok.

Came in the finish at best runner (started early) in more than 61 minutes. The estimated winning time was 45 min... But in the end it was only mironova who got a time really shorter than an hour in high 55 min.
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EOC long qualification (23/05/2016) EOC long qualification (23/05/2016)