EOC long distance final (24/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Muflon
Country: Czech Republic
Discipline: Long
Distance: 13.29 km
Time: 88:41
24th positon after a stable technical performance. Some bad routechoices, but needed more speed to fight for the top positions.

Started out carefully in the flat and green area the first 3 controls. Took time to look at the long leg to the 4th and chose a good routechoice, but could have ran a bit shorter the first part of the leg. Ran good unti control nr 8. but here I decide to go left to the 9th control and get a wall of a climb and loose 2 min to best split (probable a little more than 1 min lost to what I could have managed), and I also got tired legs of this climb. A little shaky orienteering down to the 10th, and than again I choose the steep climb and loose again valuable time, but at least I ran good on my choice. Saw the girl starting 3 min behind me on the 11th control, and when I search the 12th a little (this control was really hidden) she catched me. I was really tired after this and was not able to follow her, and also not to run exactly as I wanted. So it was a little shaky all the way to the finnish. The 2nd last control I searched aswell, misunderstanding the green infront of the control. So I lost around 2 min technically on the last 4 controls - that was a bit unnecessary.

Anyway a very stable performance, and my that my speed was good enough to fight for a top 10-15 is very positive taken into consideration that I had 4 weeks without training in april, and that I had 3 tough races in the legs already!. So eventhough I feel a bit disappointed with only being 24th in an EOC I have really been looking forward to (very swiss-type terrain), I cannot be disappointed with my performance, and it looks good for the rest of the season! Now 3 days of rrest before I hopefully get the opportunity to run a relay leg for Norway on Sunday.
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EOC long distance final (24/05/2016) EOC long distance final (24/05/2016)