EOC relay 1st leg (28/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Country: Czech Republic
Discipline: Relay
Distance: 6.2 km
Time: 43:49
EOC relay 1st leg for Norway team 1.

Nervous, but focused before the start and start out by taking control over my own orienteering and not looking at anyone else. Get my 2 first controls perfectly, and when the runners come back together towards ctr 3 (or 2) I am in the front of the field. I am very carefully with the compass and get the control in the good way. Continue to focus on the compass and try to understand where the stones are more dense to have something to control it with. Get the next control well as well, but had not had time to decide what to do on the long leg. Take time walking a bit in the stony ground behind the others, and I think running via control 9 (or 8 on this map) and pass the fence to the right and try to avoid too much climb after that is a good choice. I feel the others hesitate and it looks like thay aim for the straight routechoice over the top of the hill which I think is a bad choice. I therefore decide to go alone. But at this moment I think we are already past control 9 (or maybe I just read out of control nr 9 instead of 4?? I am not sure anymore) and I therefore think I have to go down to pass the fence. But the vegitation that I pass is something else and after some hundred meters, I cannot make sense of what I see and the map. I stop several times thinking I know where I am, but I am wrong all the time. Just vasting time on not taking a real stop and really realizing what has gone wrong. When I finally understand what I have done, I choose to run via control 8 (or 7 on this map) and over the yellow nose inorder to at least save some height. But also this is not good, I need to go quite much down from this point anyway and loose even more time ( I can see on the gps, that if I would have gone down the slope as the others did I would have been maybe just 1-1:30 min behind, instead of 3:30-4min).

I hope while running down the road before I climb up to the 5th control that I will see some teams, but there is noone, and I realize how much I most have lost. I still hope that it is not very much, and continue to focus on the technique, but it is tough being all alone. Do the same mistake back to the 8th (7th) going via the yellow nose instead of straight and also search the control some seconds. The 9th goes well, and to the 10th I feel like there is no good approach ad I try to stay a bit to heigh in the slope to maybe see the white forest to know where to go down. Find the control with no problems, but this is a tricky control! It is really bad runability down out of the green, but control 11 (10th) is easy. To the 12th I try to pass the hill on the right side but stop to early and loose 30 sec searching the control. To the 13th I wanted to go straight, but forgot my compass out of it and found myself on the track. At the arena passage I crossed the teams approaching the last control. And finally knew that I was at least the last loop behind. Pull myself together for the last loop to fight for it, and could send out Ida in an impossible possition. 6 minutes behind and all alone.

Ida fighted well and lost only a little to the leading teams on leg 2 - Heidi did the same on leg 3, and in the end we were 13th of 28th teams. I am really sad that our relay ended already at the 4th control on my leg, and that the other two girls never got the chance to be in the fight. I will learn from this mistake, and I know we are so much better than what we could show today. Nice at least that our 2nd team with Ingjerd, Marianne and Emma ran in as 7th team in the EOC-relay (only 1 team per nation counting).
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EOC relay 1st leg (28/05/2016) EOC relay 1st leg (28/05/2016)