WOC selction race middle (15/07/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tjärndalen
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 5.73 km
Time: 46:12
Many good parts, but I would have needed some more high speed technical trainings in this terrain type to really be able to fight for one of the WOC spots in the middle distance.

Make two mistakes where I almost touch the control flag without seeing it (4th and 9th control) loosing in total more than 2 min on these two controls together. Some minor mistakes also, but the real big one comes to the 14th control where I have to run back to relocate and try again - 2:30 min lost! So with almost 5 minuts timeloss on 3 controls, I was fare down the result list. In between my race was not so bad.

11th position.
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WOC selction race middle (15/07/2016)