SOW stage 4 - Maloja (21/07/2016)
Category: Competition
Country: Switzerland
Distance: 9.7 km
Time: 94:44
Average HR: 166
Maximum HR: 193
Very nice course the 1st 18 controls. Did some smaller errors getting stuck, but the rest was very good. I really enjoyed the course and the terrain this first part. But after that it was finnished:

down to control 19 the terrain got totally different. The slope was full of overgrown rocks and big rocks (very much more rocky than you can see out of the map), and I did not manage to understand the formations - very different in the terrain than I expected. And due to the very low runability I did not know how to find my control. Should I use many minutes to walk out to find something big and clear and than many minutes more back to the control, or should I search for the control and try my luck? First I stood still a looong time trying to understand. Did not help. Than I walked a bit and stood again. No chance. Then I started to walk a bit further and a girl asked me if I knew where I was - I didn't so I had to say sorry I don't. Then she asked: which code I needed. I said 53, but you probably need another one. Then she said: it is just down there! So instead of I helping her, she helped me. Well.... Did 1 min more to the next control, then I helped a couple of people on the next (the poor seniors had all of their course in this non-runable part of the terrain!!). To the 22nd I tried to run a bit out of the rocks, but there was no escape. After that I wanted to speed up again, but in the control circle of control 23 there was a 1-2m high vegitation and I did not see the control flag directly. And to the 26th, they had also put the control lower than the vegitation and since there was two more rocks in the control circle I searched it for 1 min.

All in all I would have appreachiated if the courseplanner had left out the last part of the course. I find it too rocky, two dangerous to run in. Everyone - also elite runners - have to watch carefully where they put their feet on every single step.

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SOW stage 4 - Maloja (21/07/2016) SOW stage 4 - Maloja (21/07/2016)