Sprint (WOC test race from june 2016) (06/08/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Lysekil
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.23 km
Time: 13:27
Average HR: 205
Maximum HR: 214
Mostly good performance.

Loose some seconds to the 1st by going right (fences and cars - too complicated), and also to the 2nd because I thought the control would lie at the east side of the bush and not south as it was. To the 11th (12th on the map - mens course) I did not see that the passages through the house on the right route choice was closed, and thereby ran the wrong routechoice - left would have been better. A mistake to the last control as well. I had not read the map good enough into the control, and thought the control would lie in the corner of the parking square, but it was on the corner of the house - and I loose some 3-5 sec here.

Time 13:27 min.
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Sprint (WOC test race from june 2016) (06/08/2016)