Sprint relay training with SWE, DK, CZE, UKR, GRB, FRA + (07/08/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Grebbestad
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Sprint relay
Leg: 1&3
Distance: 6.2 km
Time: 29:02
Average HR: 199
Maximum HR: 221
Sprint relay training with 1 woman and 1 man in each team. The women ran leg 1&3 and the men leg 2&4. I ran in team with Øystein Kvaal Østerbø. GPS-tracking here: https://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/20160807sprintstaff/

Startet out well on the masstart, and took my first forking good. I was a bit to fast in the decision out of the 1st control (should have done the short cut through the park in the beginning of the leg). But since no one else ran the best route choice I could punch the 2nd control first, and the 3rd as well. Out of the 3rd I was too fast in my decision making and with no one in front I did not realize the mistake before I saw how the others cut my corner and I lost a lot of meters! Ran hard down to the road crossing and up the uphill. When the others went left the last part I could close up almost fully. Than I was in a 2nd positon together with Lina Strand running down to control 5, with only Maja Alm some meters ahead. I did not see the stairs, and took a little bit longer route which cost me some positions and meters again. At the 6th control we had an arena passage as well as change over for the men. Here I was in the pack quite some meters behind leading Maja Alm. After the change over I could close up to Lina Strand, and was thereby in a 3rd position, but did not see the fence blocking the best route, but realized when Lina turned right and I did therefore only loose a little bit on this mistake. To the 8th my plan was to run to the right, but since Lina went left and I felt they were very equal, I also went left. But then Lina turned right one road earlier than I wanted to, and I continued further. At the 8th control Lina was not to be seen (the gps-showed she did a mistake and lost a lot of time here). Down to the 9th I came together with runners from behind having the shorter forking, so we were quite a pack running to control 10 and 11. To the 12th I wanted to run the left routechoice, but when I approached the road crossing, I suddenly had forgotten about the fence, and ran straight up the hill and realized too late and had to run the longer route to the right loosing between 10 and 15 sec (irritating). Ok, the rest, but had no chance to close that gap. Came into the finnish about 25 sec behind Tove Alexandersson (who had short cutted through forbidden areas and therefore DSQ) and maybe 30-40 sec behind Maja Alm.

After about 4 min rest, the men came to the 2nd change over, and I went out about 15-20 sec behind the leading team, but together with Maja Alm. I was really tired after the 1st leg, and had no chance to hold her speed, and since we had different forking she disappeared directly. I ran a very good technical sprint on this leg, but had no power to fight physically. Therefore I ran at a steady pace as fast as I managed, and did due to shorter forking catch up with some teams, and lost some of them again due to one longer forking in the end.

A really good training, and I got to train a lot on running sprint in masstart/relay.
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Sprint relay training with SWE, DK, CZE, UKR, GRB, FRA +  (07/08/2016)