Relay training with NOR, SWE, CZE (09/08/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Näsingåsen
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Relay
Distance: 3.62 km
Time: 25:53
Average HR: 201
Maximum HR: 212
Fun training. Ran only 2 of 3 loops since I ran three hard sprint sessions in two days (sunday and monday). Started out well, and had control on my own 1st control. Came there together with the pack of Mari, Helena and Tove. Continued to focus on the map and direction eventhough I just ran behind the others. Therefore full control on my routes. I thereby managed to not get confused to the 4th control which was forked and the big pack splitted up, and I got the 4th 2nd just behind Mari and just ahead of Tove (I think). On the way out of the 4th we could see that someone had a shorter forking and we saw a lot of runners in front of us. Took the 5th and 6th still just behind Mari, and in the marsh towards contorl 7 I got passed by Tove, and up the hill I just did not manage to follow Tove and Mari anymore (tired legs after all the sprints). Kept moving and I was therefore still in the game at the start of loop 2, but I was quite alone. Having no plan on the next leg, I found myself approaching the clifs straight on, and in the last moment I decided to go left. A bit bad runnability, and the group behind came closer. At the 9th they were close, but I did not see them. To the 10th I felt if was too risky to run through the yellow and green stripes as well as the dark green area, and decided to run left and hopefully have better runability. Unfortunatly it was faster to run straight thorugh all the stripes and dark green (the others were lucky, and I a little unlucky - but in a relay I felt you should never take big risk, so think my choice was good since I was alone). I therefore came to the 10th together with this big pack lead by Ida. Also Heidi and 3 cze-girls were there. I therefore found myself in a group again, and tried to keep good control on my own race eventhough I could run with them. The 11th was forked, and when the others ran more straight up along the cliff I turned right towards my control and got it. To the 12th I decided to avoid the cliffs and ran up behind them. Into the control I thought it should be up on the platau, but it was one niveau further down (impossible to read from the map) and I had to run down again to it and I was therefore just behind the group at this control.

Anyway, very fun and nice training. And I am satisfied that I kept it together technically (more or less) and that I managed to be really in the fight the first loop and still not loosing too much by running more alone on the 2nd loop. Tove won the relay training just ahead of Mari after all three loops.
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Relay training with NOR, SWE, CZE (09/08/2016)