WOC sprint finale (20/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Strömstad
Country: Sweden
Discipline: sprint
Distance: 3.59 km
Time: 16:04
Calm and ready, but also nervous on the start line. See that the 1st control is easy in the park, and use some time to read the long leg to the 2nd control. Decide to take the climb to the right (this route is maybe 5 sec slower than the one to the left). Get into the map and run steday and with good control until the arena passage. Take the wrong routechoice (don't know why - in the theoretical training we have done in the team I always run the other routechoice on similar legs) to the 9th and loose quite some time (>10s) but without realizing. Continue to run with good control and good speed to the 10th. To the 11th I think it is very strange by the coursesetter to choose to let the fence be aloud to cross. The steep climb was the fastest - as I chose to do - but it is impossible as a runner to know if it is faster to climb than to run some extra meters! This fence should have bin forbidden to cross. I get one of the best splits here. To the 12th I saw the new fence that put up, but did not see the best passage to the right for it (and here again the map drawer/coursesetter have forgotten to cut the counter lines and the best passage was seen by almost noone (to the right between the house and the fence..... To this control I loose around 10s, and I fall out of my good rythmn. I start hesitating and use a lot of time to decide myself. Loose again about 5s to the 13th and to the 14th I also take the longer route loosing 5s as well. 15th and 16th are ok, but to the 17th I again loose a little bit more than I should (approx. 5s), while the legs 18 and 19 goes well, I loose very much time to the last control (unsure why, but maybe the right route was better.

In the end a good 8th position, but disapponited about the last part of the race and that I did not manage the top 6.
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WOC sprint finale (20/08/2016) WOC sprint finale (20/08/2016)