WOC sprint relay (21/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Strömstad
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Sprint relay
Leg: 1
Distance: 3.4 km
Time: 14:31
Nervous, but focused and quite calm. Started out good, and ran with the leaders to the 1st control (maybe 5 sec behind). To the 2nd and 3rd I had the longer forking and lost 10 sec to the other forking without doing any misakes. Run the same route as all the others to the 6th control, when they pick the shorter one over the hill (the left choice would have been some small seconds faster, but sticked to the plan to go with the group if I thought it did not matter). To the 7th and 8th I saw that I was in the end of the field, because my forking again was longer. Through the arena I understood it was about 30 sec up to the leaders, and I was a little alone. I decided to go right around the hospital eventhough the other went left, felt that was shorter and with none of the favorite teams near me, I felt I had to make my own orienteering. Still ok up to the 11th, but down to the 12th I did not want to run the stairs to the right (they had been slow the day before) and I decided to go left and the other stairs. Stupied decision -> this route was more difficult/risky and much more corners compared to the one the other runners picked, and unfortunatly I managed to do a parallel mistake leaving control 11. I thought I ran one row of house higher in the slope, and suddenly I was on the wrong side of a fence. I stopped and checked how to solve it, but there was no other chance than going right all around the buildings before I could continue on my routechoice. At least that is what I thought and did, but here the map drawer/ course setter had forgotten to cut the counterlines again (as in the sprint finale) and the fence which I thought was forbidden was aloud to jump, but it was hidden under the counterlines - bad mapping! If i had jumped it I would have lost maybe 10-15 sec less on my mistake. ... anyway I realized first the day after that I could have jumped the fence.... I tried to run in as many seconds as possible, but changed over 1:09 behind in a 15th position. Eskil, Øystein and Hausken ran all good races and climbed us up to the 5th position in the end.

Still disappointed about my stupied decision, which brought us out of the medal fight from the beginning eventhough it would have been tough to catch a medal.
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WOC sprint relay (21/08/2016) WOC sprint relay (21/08/2016)