WOC 2017 relevant - Estonia 5 - relay training (04/10/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Veskimôisa-Poka
Country: Estonia
Distance: 5.61 km
Time: 42:58
Fun relay training with wavestart. The course was devided in to courses where the first course ended at control 6, and a the second course started at control 6 and finished at the finish.

On the first part I was sent out first, and ran well and safely to the first control. To the 2nd control I decided to avoid the dark green marsh and took the steep climb instead - this was too much and I lost some 20 seconds +. Therefore I was catched by several swedes. The runability on the open lodged areas was very bad, so I felt we just ran after each other the next control. No big problems, but felt the 5th control came too early and continued without puncing it, realized quite fast it had to be mine anyway and turned. I lost some meters to Lina Strand who I was with just before leading the pack, and several runners past. We were therefore a big pack comming together to the first finish.

On the second course I started in the 2nd group 20 sec behind the 4 first girls. I was fast to see that the first girls had taken a strange direction to the first control, and decided to follow my compass and get into the white forrest immidiately. That was clever and I saw all the girls who had started before me when I came down the hill to the marshes. I came a little bit further right than I planed (did run too much on the counters and less on the compass) and I had to curve around the very wet marsh. I approached the control together with Marianne. I wanted to run around the marsh out of the control, but it was very wet and I sank in by just touching the boarder of it and had to return some meters. Continued well, and ran some meters behind Marianne and Leif some controls, but took my forkings well. Approching the 12th control we catched Ingjerd as well, In a group of 4 we ran towards the arena passage. I tried to cut a corner, but only lost meters on it, and had to give some seconds away physically. Marianne and Ingjerd therefore got a gap, and Lina Strand came from behind. Approaching control 15 Lina hesitated in the light green and I passed her, found my control and saw both Ingjerd and Marianne standing at the control looking very confused. I continued and was suddenly all alone. I ran well to the 16th and 17th and started to realize I could win this. Tried to be careful, but struggled to understand the map from all the forbidden areas, and lost some time to the last control. Got catched by the men at the last control, and did not see if there were also girls in the big group and I had to sprint hard the last couple of meters not to be passed. But it turned out to be a guy and not a girl coming fast behind me and I got the victory. The reason why Marianna and Ingjerd and Lina were confused at the 15th was that the control code was wrong - lucky me that I did not check codes ;-) I almost never do that in training.
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WOC 2017 relevant - Estonia 5 - relay training (04/10/2016) WOC 2017 relevant - Estonia 5 - relay training (04/10/2016)