10. Nationaler (23/10/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Petit Risoux
Country: Switzerland
Distance: 7.95 km
Time: 55:24
Average HR: 174
Maximum HR: 196
Last national race in Switzerland - was able to do a late entry to this race and started very first in DE. I started out trying to push hard, but my legs were tired and I took it a bit easier after half of the course (on the long leg).

Struggled a little to read the map (very fine lines!) and especially to contorl 2 this costed me quite some time. I did not see the small path going fairly straight, and decided to run around because of the green stripes straight. I lost 80 seconds on this. On the long leg, I did not see the big path I wanted to run (overgrown) and ran past it before I realized and I had to turn back. On the same leg I totally forgot my compass running down the slope from the big open area halfway on the leg (what was I thinking), so instead of cutting quite straight down to the road I made a big round... On the road I helped a woman to relocate and since I started to be very tired at this point, I decided to take it a bit easier the last part.

The last part was very nice, so eventhough I did not push hard I could still enjoy the terrain.
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10. Nationaler (23/10/2016) 10. Nationaler (23/10/2016)