HTHS knock-out sprint 1/4-finale (04/12/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Langenthal Hard
Organiser: NLZ
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 1.21 km
Time: 4:43
Average HR: 196
Maximum HR: 208
Quarter finales:

s-1: My plan was to focus on myself and I used time to read the map and make a plan also to control 2. Got the 1st control as 2nd girl.

1-2: Had planed to turn and go right and did it without watching the others -> stupid! I had forgotten that we to the 3rd control had to run out the same way I went in to control 2, and collided with all the other girls running the left routechoice....!

2-3: I had already planed the leg, but realized first at the parking lots, that I could not cut over it to the control. Realized early enough though and could close up to the front girls who hesitated a little more.

3-4: Forking (all three options were run). I had my route ready before control 3, so just went right of the bushes and up tp my control.

4-5: Lifted my head and saw the control already at control 4.

5-6: Just to turn and see the house corner, and then run. (been there before)

6-7: Lifted my head and saw the water, went left around it to make it easy to continue to control 8. Met a lot of the other girls on this leg.

7-8: Saw the control from control 7, and by approaching it Sarina Jenzer and Marion Aebi came from my control 6 (their 7th) and took the control just ahead of me.

8-9: Had kind of planned to go right here, but when Sarina went left, I decided to join her (very similar lengths I think) to make use of her speed to maybe close the small gap up.

9-10: Had decided to go right, and did it eventhough Sarina and Marion went left. Felt it was the same long and that I in this way could get a less sharp turn at the control. Could close the gap a little, and was now in 2nd spot.

10-11: Still some 5 meters up to Sarina. Kept to my plan and ran through the opening in the hedge and then just right of the bushes. Sarina in front of me still, but here Sarina took a sharp right turn towards the finnish (confused me a little), and I just kept to my plan. Turned out Sarina had overseen control 11, and I thereby could win the heat quite clear.

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HTHS knock-out sprint 1/4-finale (04/12/2016) HTHS knock-out sprint 1/4-finale (04/12/2016)