HTHS knock-out sprint 1/2-finale (04/12/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Langenthal Hard
Organiser: NLZ
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 1.31 km
Time: 5:07
Average HR: 196
Maximum HR: 207
Semi finales:

s-1: started all to the right of the field, and instead of struggeling in the crowd I decided to avoid that and went right around the first house. Lost some meters to Sandrine Müller and Valerie Aebischer who both started out very hard. But could close up most of it before control 1.

1-2: I was a little behind with the map reading but saw that I anyway had time to read the map until the bigger road. So I did, but I somehow oriented to control 5/9 for some seconds, and realized it first by approaching it. No big deal though, since it was on the way to control 2. Got control 2 just after Sandrine and Valerie, and the field splitted.

2-3: Turned in left after the house and saw the house straight ahead of me which I wanted to run to the left of, and saw the control after half of the leg. Had Martina Ruch just behind me.

3-4: Decided to run to the right in order not to turn back (similar lengths left and right, and easier right). Still Marina just behind me.

4-5: Right of the hedge and than in between the house to the right.

5-6: This route I knew by heart, ran it on the way to control 2

6-7: In to the left after control 6, and just following the house/hedge to the right until the control

7-8: Back along the hedge and left around the house. Hesitated a second because I did not know the control object, but one quick look at the map solved it.

8-9: Sharp turn and running left of the house. Still Martina just some meters behind, but no one else to be seen.

9-10: Knew it was decision time, and went for the safe choice to the left eventhough the right choice maybe is a bit shorter (?). Tried to push hard, trying to keep Martina at some meters distance.

10-F: Turning back and running hard, kept the lead and won the heat.
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HTHS knock-out sprint 1/2-finale (04/12/2016) HTHS knock-out sprint 1/2-finale (04/12/2016)